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The word Shifah means “Healing”. That is our intent when we provide you with our natural deodorant.
If you are considering switching from the ususal deodorants to a natural deodorant take these few things in consideration:
* Natural deodorant is 100% a healthier choice. It increases your overall health
* There is a reduction, for most completely eliminates skin irritaion.
* Allows your armpits to breathe during excercise time. This detoxes your body.
* It is aluminum free.
* Helps prevent breast cancer
Here are some of the ingredients that you don’t want
Here are some of the bad ingredients you’ll find in many commercial deodorants;
Cyclomethicone – a derivative of silicone, It does not allow your pits to breathe and is a skin irritant.
Stearyl Alcohol – a chemical that causes cancer.
Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorahydex gly – a neurotoxin, it affects your nerves and nervous system.
Parabens – are strongly connected to Breast Cancer and tumors.
Talc – is carcinogenic.
Propylene glycol – can cause dermatitis, irritate eyes and mucous membranes.



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