Why You Should Use Toothpaste Without Fluoride
Protect, strengthen, and thoroughly cleanse your teeth and gums with this neem toothpaste. Neem leaves and black seed work to heal gingivitis, gum disease, and reduce toothache or mouth soreness. Antibacterial qualities of the ingredients help to heal gum disease and reduce plaque.

The chemical element fluorine is what fluoride is derived from. In the United States, it’s estimated 75% – 95% of toothpaste brands contain fluoride. Toothpaste with fluoride presents health risks to children during the early years. The warning on the back of toothpaste focuses on the fact that most children under age of six years cannot spit. It’s tempting for them to swallow the bubble gum flavored brightly colored toothpaste. Taking higher levels of fluoride than 20 mg per day of elemental fluoride in supplemental form by mouth or swallowing high amounts is unsafe. The side effects can include weakened bones and ligaments as well as muscle and nervous system problems.


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